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Jahiliyyah presents a howling scrum of ecstatic durge from the daylight-deprived bowels of Tokyo. Replete with all the glopshod trappings you come to expect from a precarious flossing session, this remains in gran's dentures until the tea gets cold. Ancient casiotone purges, or the best music money can buy? Gravity gets a steely head-slogging before everybody climbs back in the leaden rollercoaster for one last shot at hitting the molten core. Allow us to present the most beautiful soundtrack to your downward spiral. This is an epic, layered, haunting, and multi-dimensional massage of all distortion-craving layers of your being. Like throaty karaoke, Anon Nehrut echoes long into the night.

CD: Anon Nehrut by Jahiliyyah SDCD009
Running time: 74 minutes

1. Tooth Shatters Theme
2. Carnival of Souls
3. Grandmotherwhisperer
4. Methuselah
5. Untitled or The Best Track (No Dave!!!)
6. Untitled 2
7. Infants Bloated Smile
8. Celine Slaughterhouse

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